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You will be able to list photos, videos and who your chosen agency is and their contact details. We also have the ability to attach pdf documents so that brochures can be downloaded. In addition we can add your development to our monthly email to our database of thousands. 

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Questions you should ask your agent.

It’s fair to say we’ve been asked it all over our combined 32 years in Real Estate. Here are some common ones…

What happens if my property doesn’t sell at Auction?

In this current market we are seeing a lot more property’s sell post Auction. This does not mean the process failed. Often it still means you’ve sold you property unconditionally and within a short period. That’s an awesome result compared to what others go through around the country. The Auction process is designed to highlight your property to multiple buyers and brings a finite date to the marketing creating a sense of loss which is why people often bid more than they planned too. If it doesn’t happen to sell on or after the Auction date your options are:

• Price the property and boost the marketing to refresh it. Most common method we’re seeing right now. Offers buyers a chance to put in conditional offers.

• List by Negotiation. (Good way to kill the property)

• Re-Auction with new marketing campaign. Can be very successful and a good way to keep price out of your marketing allowing for the potential over reserve bid. (Yes we have run back-to-back Auctions with great success)


Who pays the marketing?

In most cases the vendor pays. Most agents and or agencies negotiable with either a discounted marketing campaign or a free campaign up to a particular value. Ask for a deal. We’ve never said no.

How do you work with other agents in the area?

This is important and certainly one of the most asked questions. Often vendors believe the local agent brings the buyer. This is often no true and within Auckland being multicultural and multifaceted this is becoming less and less common. Some agencies don’t play nice but here’s how we operate:

• Full co-operation throughout the National Harcourts system called Harcourts One. This system allows any Harcourts agent in the country to present their buyer with a personalised flyer of your property, book viewings, log comments and write up offers. Harcourts also provides for the buyers agent with a share of the total commission. This is not negotiable and allows for strong team ethic throughout our organisation. (Not all agencies work this way so be sure to ask.)

• We also work with any local agent from a different agency provided they follow our rules and Harcourt’s systems which protect our vendor. This means for example every viewing that takes place in your home is accompanied by one of us. We do not allow other agents through your home alone. Ever.

One of the main reasons we sell homes, apartments and commercial property all over Auckland is because we don’t claim any one area. We work with like minded people who may want to buy an investment in one place then 6 months later sell their family home in another, regardless our well oiled system perfected over time allows for the best marketing, highest exposure and the most professional sales service our clients could possibly get no matter where it’s located or what type of property it is.

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Into Scandinavian Design? There’s a Subscription Box For That

There’s a new subscription box on the scene, and it’s catering to fans of Scandinavian design. NorseBox, which launched at the end of 2015, ships quarterly boxes with a selection of finds from one to five designers.

Fans of the now-defunct Skandicrush box, which shuttered due to inability to keep up with demand last year, may find solace in NordicBox. They’re $60 per quarter and its items are valued at $80-$100.

(Image credits: NorseBox)

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Thompson Park Apartments

Thompson Park Apartments. Quality Apartments with style, amenity, size and materials. Each unit has 1 allocated internal car park included in the price excluding studios which have one external carpark. Additional carparks can be leased or purchased. External storage lockers are available for lease if and when required.

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156 Vincent Street – Eclipse Apartments

Eclipse is a 14 level apartment development with 174 apartments on the stunning tree lined Vincent Street. Comprising of one and two bedroom apartments with heated indoor pool, steam room and car parking. There is an on-site building manager who maintains the building to the highest standards. Floor to ceiling windows gives each apartment a warm and light interior.

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String Shelving System

Designed in 1948, this classic system is now available exclusively through us.

‘Modern since 1949’. String is the original component shelving system designed by the Swedish architect Nils Strinning in 1949. He was one of the leading mid-twentieth century designers who built the foundation of what we now call ‘Scandinavian design’.

The structure is light weight, yet stable. It is simple to assemble and the shelves can be easily repositioned. Books are kept in place by the side panels and shelves of different depths can be combined in the same unit. When more shelf space is needed, simply add an additional side panel and some shelves. It is equally suited to a large or a small wall. This and the minimalistic timeless design is the reason why String still attracts attention after 60 years.

Sold exclusively through Bob and Friends at 231 Ponsonby Rd, Auckland, New Zealand.

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