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Jay Dellar

Apartment Sales Specialist

The innovator behind, Jay is an Apartment Sales Specialist. Advocating for Auckland living, Jay considers himself a dedicated apartment enthusiast with insightful market knowledge and local connections that make the process of buying or selling apartments an enlightening experience that will leave you smiling and wanting more.

Jay specialises in the sales of city-based residences and investments from selling high yield investment units to some of Auckland’s more beautiful, character filled spaces and everything in-between. Committed to delivering exceptional service regardless of the dollar value of the transaction, Jay’s blue sky thinking and positive approach underpins his real estate dealings.

“Jay consistently exceeds client expectations around service and results, developing a business where referrals are the cornerstone of his business.”

Armed with a Bachelor of Business degree in marketing and advertising, Jay also has a background in business management, website design and direct sales. Proficient in the ways of new media and in using technology to its best advantage in the competitive real estate industry where increasingly online touch points are the gateway to property searches.

Call Jay Dellar today the Auckland Apartment Specialist who is dedicated to creating success stories in the Auckland Apartment market.

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